Colchicine Medication

About generic Colchicine

Colchicine medication is a natural product, extracted directly from the special type of plants: Colchicum autumnale, or meadow saffron. This is a strong natural toxin, which affects metabolism and inhibits certain phases of the cellular division. Generic Colchicine is available in form of tablets for oral use, and it’s easy to buy Colchicine online without prescription, especially for the residents of Canada, United Kingdom and United States. This medication requires careful use; it may be dangerous for the people with gastrointestinal diseases, and especially those who suffer from advanced renal failure. This article describes the medical uses, precautions and other details you have to know before you buy no prescription Colchicine and start taking it.

Uses of Colchicine medication

Canada Colchicine is available in online pharmacies, because it has become very popular today: it offers fast and effective treatment for patients with gout and some other diseases. Gout, which manifests as arthritis, is usually treated with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). However, there are categories of patients who cannot tolerate NSAIDs, and in this case Colchicine comes in handy: it effectively cures arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. High doses of Colchicine medication may result in gastrointestinal tract issues and problems, but even the small safe doses of this medication are effective in treatment of gout. Other, less common medical uses include treatment of persistent aphthous stomatitis, pericarditis, recurrence of atrial fibrillation after ablation of cardiac tissue, and some other cases. What is most important, you can order Colchicine with no prescription in many online pharmacies, so it has high availability to all groups of patients.

Mechanism of action

Colchicine 500 mg tablets, thanks to the natural Colchicine effect, similar to this of spindle poison, inhibits the cell division, which is useful in genetic studies. However, the most important effect of the drug is its inhibitory mechanism, affecting the neutrophil activity and motility, which results in massive suppression of inflammation in body. Such mechanism of action has been used to prevent and treat gout and other inflammatory diseases effectively. Most people who buy Colchicine, buy it for its anti-inflammatory effect.


Before you buy Colchicine 0.6 mg online with no prescription, you have to learn about the precautions: how much Colchicine to take, and what to avoid while using it. Patients with advanced renal failure should avoid long-term use of Colchicine under any circumstances: it may become highly toxic due to the cumulative toxicity effect, and lead to neuromyopathy. The Colchicine medication interacts with such drugs as statins, fibrates and other cholesterol-lowering solutions, which increases its toxicity. The drug should not be taken along with macrolide antibiotics: erythromycin, clarithromycin and others.

Side effects

It is necessary to avoid inhalation, or absorption of Colchicine in eyes and mucosa. This medication can be toxic if overdosed, leading to severe adverse effects of Colchicine: fever, myalgia, even organ failure. The most common problems noticed in patients who order Colchicine online are related to gastrointestinal tract: upset stomach or excessive fluid loss are dangerous. Some psychic symptoms may occur: confusion, delirium, seizures and hallucinations.

Where to buy Colchicine tablets

One of the most common questions that interest our clients, is how to buy Colchicine without prescription UK and Canada, or where to look for Colchicine online pharmacy. We do not intend to recommend any particular online pharmacy to buy this medication, but it is important to know that you can get Colchicine prescription assistance in most of them, which doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consult your medical care specialist before you do it. Though it’s simple to buy generic Colchicine Canada or U.S., only a timely consultation with a doctor can make your treatment really effective and safe.

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