Lumigan Eye Drops

Lumigan Eye Drops

Lumigan drops overview

Lumigan Canada, also known as Bimatoprost, is an effective medical solution to intraocular hypertension, also used as medication to treat glaucoma. The drug is distributed as Lumigan Eye Drops, and it is easy to buy Lumigan online without prescription. Generic Lumigan is a simple 0.03% solution of Bimatoprost that has proven its efficacy during years of wide usage of this drug in millions of patients. Though you usually need a prescription to buy Lumigan or its analogues in drug stores, you can order Bimatoprost, if you choose to buy it in online pharmacies in US, UK or Canada.

Mechanism of action

Lumigan acts through increasing the excretion of aqueous fluid, which accrues in eyes, and thus lowering the intraocular pressure, which may harm the eyes. The exact biological mechanism of action is not yet confirmed; the only thing that is know is that it acts like Prostaglandin, a natural hormone. However, there are several important effects that Lumigan usage has on patients. First, it effectively reduces the pressure in eyeballs, preventing the development of glaucoma and other related diseases. Then, Bimatoprost has been proven to affect the growth of eyelashes, which makes it applicable in cosmetic industry. Regular application of the Lumigan Eye Drops leads to increase in length and thickness of eyelashes; yet there is no medical explanation to such effect.

Lumigan usage indications

The most important and widely used indications for the usage of generic Lumigan (Bimatoprost) is glaucoma. While the drug cannot prevent or cure this eye disease, it effectively blocks the progression and worsening of the disease condition in patients. In this case, the eye drops are used according to the prescription adjusted by the medical specialist, usually once a day. Another condition that requires patients to buy Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is ocular hypertension, or, in other words, overly high pressure of fluid in the eyeballs. In this case, Lumigan acts preventing the development of serious deviations from the normal eye condition.

Lumigan usage is not limited to medical indications. One of the most popular feature of this generic medication is its effect on the growth of eyelashes. Many people look for Bimatoprost online non-prescription pharmacy, to make use of such effect and make their eyelashes thicker, longer and more attractive.

Lumigan 0.3 mg ml precautions

It is necessary to read through the instructions included in the drug package, before you start using Lumigan 0.3 mg ml solution. Though it is possible to order Bimatoprost online with no prescription, we highly recommend consulting your doctor before you begin your therapy using Lumigan drops. This will help you adjust the daily dose of the drug and use it with maximum efficiency. It is vital to avoid overdosing the medication or overusing it: such violation of the precautions may lead to manifestation of adverse effects in severe forms and affect the health of the patients. There are no known interactions of Lumigan eye drops with other drugs.

Adverse effects

It is relatively easy to buy Lumigan without prescription because this medication does not cause any severe side effects in patients, and if used properly, it’s not likely to cause any adverse effects at all. However, in case of overdose or improper use, patients may experience blurred vision, eye discomfort, darkening of the iris, eyelid redness and other minor disturbances. Extremely careless overdose of Lumigan may cause damage in optical nerve and possibly lead to blindness.

Where to buy Lumigan

Looking for affordable price Lumigan, you should make your choice between the generic Lumigan and the brand drug: both have the same formulation, but the brand one is much more expensive. If you want to buy original generic Bimatoprost in US, UK or Canada, you should look for a Lumigan UK pharmacy or similar online pharmacy in your country or our Lumigan online shop. Cost of Lumigan depends on many factors, but simple online Lumigan can result in significant reduce of your expenses.

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