Valtrex (Valacyclovir)

Valtrex Medication

Generic Valtrex overview

Valtrex, also known as Valacyclovir, or Valaciclovir, is a prodrug with antiviral effect. It means that it is not biologically active itself, but its metabolites are the acyclovir and others, having powerful antiviral mechanisms that prevent development of herpes in such forms as herpes B, herpes simplex and herpes zoster (shingles). The drug was discovered in 1982, and soon become a popular antiviral solution. In 2009, the patent has expired, and generic Valtrex was introduced: cost of Valacyclovir in generic form is affordable, while the compound and effect is equal to the brand drug. Most common form of the medication is Valacyclovir 500 mg tablets: you can make your Valtrex buy without prescription in most online pharmacies.

Valacyclovir medication usages

Indications for the Valacyclovir therapy include treatment and prophylaxis of herpes simplex (its oral and genital forms), herpes zoster, infectious mononucleosis, and several other cases, particularly to help patients with weakened immune system (during chemotherapy or organ transplantation). Generic Valtrex effectively fights herpes B and cytomegalovirus, so it is often prescribed in these conditions. Usually, people order Valtrex online with no prescription for self-medication purposes, because this drug is relatively safe and easy to use on your own. In any case, we recommend consulting your doctor before trying any therapy, to make it most effective and safe.

Mechanism of action

Valacyclovir is a form of well-known acyclovir, which is a powerful antiviral drug. Valacyclovir has much higher bioavailability (55% and more) than the original drug (10-15%). After the oral intake of Valtrex, the medication quickly metabolizes into acyclovir, and its action takes effect by inhibiting the DNA polymerase of the viral cells. It has approximately 100 times stronger effect on viral cells than on body cells in this case: preventing the division and multiplication of herpes virus, acyclovir is effectively metabolized in human cells, and excreted from the body. One of the most convenient antiviral drugs, cheap Valtrex has become very popular: people order Valtrex online and it cures them from herpes thanks to the effective mechanism of action.

Valacyclovir prescription assistance

While it is impossible to buy Valtrex without prescription in the U.S., the U.K. or Australian drug stores, you can make Valacyclovir buy in any online pharmacy. Before you do it, you have to learn about precautions and contraindications of the drug. It is highly recommended consulting with your medical care specialist on the matter of Valacyclovir therapy: it will ensure that you take the drug properly, it has maximum effect and you are safe from its adverse effects. Any allergic reaction to Valacyclovir is an indication to discontinue the therapy. You should not overdose the medication under any circumstances; you should as well avoid using it for the purposes, not listed in this article.

Valtrex dosage

The generic medication is available as Valtrex 500 mg, Valtrex 1000mg and Valtrex 250 mg tablets. The dose depends on the individual conditions of the patient and the type of herpes: it varies from 500 mg once daily to 2 gram of Valacyclovir twice daily in acute manifestation of cold sores or genital herpes. Suppression or prophylaxis of herpes requires lesser dosage of Valtrex: up to 500 mg once daily or even less.

Adverse effects of Valacyclovir

Typical side effects of Valtrex have the same origin as these of acyclovir, its active metabolite. They do not manifest often: less than 1% patients experience the adverse effects during the Valacyclovir therapy. Most probable are headache, nausea, vomiting, possibly diarrhea. More serious adverse effects (rarely reported) include dizziness, constipation, sore throat, rash, abdominal pain, weakness, confusion and vertigo. Most serious side effects may take place in case of severe overdose or acute intolerance to the drug: seizures, tremor, anorexia, fatigue, anaphylaxis, coma, and toxic epidermal necrolysis. To avoid serious complications, it is useful to consult a doctor before self-administering the drug, despite the fact that Valacyclovir without prescription is available in many countries.

Can I buy Valtrex over the counter?

Buying drug over the counter means that you do not need a prescription to make the purchase. In case of Valtrex, it is possible to order medication online. Cost of Valacyclovir is attractive, when you buy Valacyclovir online with no prescription pharmacy; the generic drug is sold much cheaper than the brand one, and has similar compound and effect. Thus, you can buy Valtrex over the counter, if you know where to look for it: online pharmacy is the best choice.

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